Nearshore consultants in Brazil ready to add value to your project.

  • Active collaboration in all development lifecycle
  • Senior talented professionals
  • Convenient time-zone (only 2 hours ahead of EST)
  • Great cost benefits (saving at least 40%)
  • Full Time Equivalent(FTE) professionals
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We love coding as we love business

We believe one of the keys for a good development is understand about the business we are involved.


Real time collaboration saves lots of time in a time crucial projects, our team is heavily trained to use agile methodologies.

Low labour turnover

Work in offshore projects is very attractive for most talents in Brazil due to good salaries, opportunity to use the latest technology and work with great people.

Business Intelligence.

  • Agile Data Warehousing
  • Data Management/ Data Quality / ETL
  • Reporting Services / Inegration Services
  • BI Strategy Development
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We use the power of Microsoft Business Intelligence tools to answer this question and do most of BI work needed in your enterprise. Integrating data from different data sources and focus on data quality to delivery great reports or structured source for analytics tools.

Database Development

  • Deployment / Design / Architecture
  • SQL Azure - your db on the Cloud
  • Analysis / Tunning / Store Procedures
  • Database Integretion / Migration
  • We also work with Oracle, IBM and SAP Hana
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We work with SQL Server since version 2000, our team is very familiar with complex store procedues, triggers,views and tunning. SQL Server 2012 is ready and we look forward to show you the new features of this tool and implement in your company.

Software Development

  • Microsoft .NET Applications
  • Mobile Applications(iOS / Android / Windows Phone)
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Custom Software Development
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Get things done with quality is our focus! To achieve that we use a modern way of do consulting working close to our partners with trasnparency and commitment with the deliverables.